ProMosaik Children, Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria


Fairy tales from Southern Nigeria published by ProMosaik Children.

ProMosaik Children was founded in February 2019 in Istanbul by the translator, author, and human rights activist Milena Rampoldi to promote the free online offer of children’s book translations in various languages.


The project is based on the idea that children’s books are an important tool to use to build the foundations of a better living environment offering greater respect, tolerance and empathy for the diversities in the world.


ProMosaik Children is committed to equal opportunities for all children and is therefore convinced that every child has the right to read a book and that right should not be limited by the financial limitations or the social conditions of the family of origin.

While ProMosaik Children may be a dream or a utopia that we have as our goal: it is nonetheless a goal we would very much like to share with you.


ProMosaik Children’s core group includes authors, translators, human rights activists and their partners.