In this process of converting audio to text, I ensure high levels of quality, often-times transcribing before we tackle translations.  I’m devoted to delivering the finest multilingual transcriptions in the industry for all your needs. I can transcribe your audio and video recordings from any digital format.

My approach is team-based, with on-site translators, editors, and project managers all working towards meeting your specific goals.  Whether the project involves law enforcement, legal proceedings, medical applications, corporate presentations or global conferencing, I will render the material professionally, confidentially, and quickly, in the language and format of your choosing.




All other languages are done by the team of ProMosaik Translation, The Quality Translator and ProMosaik MBC, according to the field of expertise.

Here in the following you can visit the pages! We are happy to hearing from you soon! Any kind of request you may have, do not hesitate to send it to us per e-mail.

Best regards

Dr. phil. Milena Rampoldi