Irya and the Great Flood, A Trilogy by Christine Labrige


About The Author and Her Motivation

Christine Labrige, born in 1977 in Colmar; lives and works as an artist and children’s book illustrator in Paris;

1996-2001: Studied archaeology, history of art and literature in Paris (Sorbonne) and Florence.

Christine is worrying and wondering – as I’m sure many people are these days – how society can experience a new upswing after the crisis.

In her first historical novel, she goes back to when she experienced a world in upheaval. Christine is convinced that the world from that time can provide lasting impressions and important lessons for us today. This is a saga with characters in a spirit of awakening.

The novel is published in three parts, as a trilogy.


About the Book

Irya, a young attractive woman, lives in the settlement by the lake. She is the disciple of Arlanda, the priestess in whose care she is being educated. Irya is shy and reserved, her life is dedicated to the service of the Goddess. She will always be alone, as a priestess she is not allowed to give herself to a man or have a family. Irya goes on a pilgrimage with Arlanda to the city, the only one in the world at that time. They visit the shrine of the Great Goddess. Strengthened in spirit, Irya returns and prepares for the day of her ordination as a priestess.

And then everything turns out quite differently than she had imagined. There is Argon, whom Irya believes to be her fatherly friend. But the friend is a desirous man who is tormented by the thought that Irya should become a priestess. Life opens up to both of them like a labyrinth, with delights but also treacherous dangers. Neither of them knows where their path will lead them. And no one in the settlement suspects that they will all soon be uprooted from their everyday lives.



Part I

Part II

Part III