Carolyne Afroetry MA, Dry Parched Land

A collection of poems by the female poet from Uganda, Carolyne Afroetry, published by ProMosaik. The mains themes the poems focus on are love, the relation between lovers, the conflict and the situation of the unloved woman. Female poetry from Africa is very important to understand the female soul. Through the poems of Carolyne we understand typical problems of her African soul, the way she deals with them, but at the same time we find universal issues and values of the universal female soul.


This is the important aspect ProMosaik Poetry would like to focus on in its publications of „ethnic poetry“. The main objective is the promotion of intercultural dialogue by poetry from all over the world. The leitmotif of the collection is the misunderstood and consequently the unloved woman. A strong, struggling woman facing this challenge day by day. His heart was like dry patched land I was a fool to believe anything would grow there No matter how hard I irrigated and sowed We couldn’t germinate….